Parents and Citizens (P&C) Association

The main purpose of the P&C is to support the school for the benefit of all students. The Rossmoyne Senior High School P&C consists of enthusiastic parents, teachers and other interested community members who contribute their ideas and skills to the school in a variety of different ways.

All parents are encouraged to become members of the P&C as it offers parents the opportunity to be aware of what is happening in the school and what is being discussed by the parents so they can contribute if they wish. The more opinions we have, the more rounded and helpful our combined suggestions, ideas and visions will be to the school community. To help facilitate this interaction members are emailed regular updates and occasional surveys about issues that have been raised. We also encourage parents to send ideas and comments to our email address:

To become a member, download and complete the Membership Form and hand it with 20 cents to the front office of the school (personally or via your child) or bring it to a meeting: 2017 Application Form

2016 Office Bearers

The following members were elected at the 2016 Annual General Meeting.

President: David McMeekin
Vice President: Darryl Althorpe
Treasurer: Monika Mathyssek-Kilburn
Secretary: Rachel Weir
Executive Committee Members: Kirsty Barnetson

Mark Ham

Christa Loos

Mahadevan (Jaya) Jayabalan

Anne McMillan

Jason Meotti

 WACSSO Representative: Mark Ham
 School Board Representative Anne McMillan


RSHS P&C Meetings

are Wednesday 7.00pm of Week 4 and Week 9 of each Term, and held in the Function Room of the school.



P&C Subcommittees

There are two subcommittees of the Rossmoyne Senior High School P&C. The members of each of these are parents, teachers and other interested members of the community with a particular interest in these specialist areas. All parents are invited to join these groups.

Music Parents Support Group

Chair – Kate Hitchins
The Music Parents Support Group (MSG) supports the Classical Music Specialist Program at RSHS. The members assist the Program in many ways including supporting the Music Concert Series by selling tickets, providing stage crew and student supervision, and hosting supper.  They also assist with purchasing of equipment (via their fundraising activities), orientation evenings, the outdoor end of year concert and provide ideas and general support for the Music Department.

Second Hand Uniform Shop

The Second Hand Uniform Shop is run by the Music Parents Support Group and staffed by parents volunteers, coordinated by Lorraine Hendricks and Beverly Spencer. Opening hours are Friday mornings of school term,  8.30am – 9.30am. Purchases are by cash only. Access via Front Reception.

Donations of uniforms may be taken to the second hand uniform shop or left at reception. Music uniforms may be donated or can be sold on consignment. Volunteers are welcome – either call into the shop or contact the P&C via email.

Volleyball Parents Support Group

Chair – Lisa Flynn
The Volleyball Parents Support Group supports the RSHS Volleyball Specialist Program. The members assist in many ways including organising uniforms and fundraising for the annual Melbourne volleyball tour. The group is also involved in promoting, fundraising and planning the beach volleyball courts that are to soon be built at the school.

P&C Calendar

Term 1, 2017

Tuesday 14 February 7.00pm Music Parents’ Support Group Meeting Performing Arts Centre
Wednesday 22 February 7.00pm P&C Annual General Meeting Function Room
Wednesday 29 March 7.00pm P&C Meeting Function Room

Term 2, 2017

Wednesday 17 May 7.00pm P&C Meeting Function Room
Wednesday 21 June 7.00pm P&C Meeting Function Room

Term 3, 2017

Wednesday 9 August 7.00pm P&C Meeting Function Room
Wednesday 13 September 7.00pm P&C Meeting Function Room

Term 4, 2017

Wednesday 1 November 7.00pm P&C Meeting Function Room
Wednesday 6 December 7.00pm P&C Meeting Function Room